What’s with the Biz name?

Hi there! I’m your CPA, Terri de la Rosa. I worked extensively in public accounting for several years before striking out and launching Balanced Accountability. Since college, it was my goal to manage my own accounting and tax business. 

Instead of using my full (lengthy) name as most traditional firms do, I prefer it to reflect my own personal and professional philosophy.  Back in 2004, I already began craving the challenge of autonomy and freedom of running my own show.  But it wasn’t until this year that I became fully independent with Balanced Accountability.  Even though working for others provides that regular paycheck, sometimes it’s not just about money nor job security but rather the challenges and opportunities we face while achieving the desired outcome that gives us the most satisfaction.  Nothing worthwhile comes easy in life, but I welcome challenges as necessary obstacles to grow and learn from.

With life, it seems that almost everything we do has to be approached with balance – diet, sleep, exercise, work, finances – for us to thrive fully. In the past, while working for a very busy and demanding CPA firm, I hoped to attain some sort of work-life balance as I burned out from long hours especially during tax season. I truly felt exhausted and overwhelmed while longing for a more balanced existence – well, don’t we all want that!

It’s how I came up with the biz name.  As it implies, businesses need a balanced Balance Sheet along with (hopefully) a profitable Income Statement. Business operations need a well-thought-out strategy to decision making on many different levels in order to be successful.  They are accountable to their clients, customers, shareholders, investors, vendors, creditors, and government on the Federal, State and Local levels.  As much as they may dread it, businesses must pay taxes on their profits as required by applicable laws. Individuals, successful entrepreneurs, and businesses alike need to manage their finances with a clear purpose and a balanced approach to accountability and hopefully prosperity.

Balanced Accountability embodies my personal beliefs and idea of a healthy mindset and a purpose-driven life.  I believe that the right focus and perseverance can lead to a fulfilling career and personal life.

I’m a (well-balanced 🙂 ) CPA who assists individuals, entrepreneurs, and small businesses navigate the complex world of tax compliance along with other business issues through planning strategies or ideas.  It’s essential that entrepreneurs stay focused on their own key craft and achieve a more balanced approach to any pursuits.

Besides helping clients, I’m a blogger who enjoys writing useful and relevant contents (see my other blogs).  You can also Connect with me here to schedule a free 30 minute consultation about your tax situation. #MakeItHappen! #SanDiegoCPA #JustGetBalanced!  

The path to success is definitely not smooth sailing.

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