Hello there! Allow me to briefly introduce myself.  I’m Terri de la Rosa, CPA.  I graduated with a BS in Accounting from University of Missouri in Kansas City and an MS in Taxation from Golden Gate University in San Francisco.  I started my career in public accounting working for Arthur Andersen, which was one of the Big 6 CPA firms at the time, then onto a Big 10 regional firm in Kansas City.  However, it was always my wish to start my own accounting firm, so I studied hard and pursued my certification.  After more than 18 years working for others in public accounting, I decided itโ€™s time to pursue my business dream and passion.  My career goals have revolved around an entrepreneurial mindset in addressing clients’ business challenges, as well as what key decision makers need from their service provider through strategic business or tax planning.  Now based in San Diego, I gladly work with clients locally and remotely to help them navigate the complex world of tax and accounting. Besides my day job (which includes lots of studying & reading), I like to keep my body active – hopefully in shape as well – doing turbo kick, body combat, biking, running, spin cycle, some yoga and being an occasional beach bum with a fave activity of SUP aka Stand Up Paddle board. I also enjoy cooking and getting creative with baking or making healthy homemade ice cream and sweets. (My other dream “hustle/gig” is being a cafe owner & pastry chef) ๐Ÿ™‚ #SanDiegoCPA #MakeGoalsHappen #JustGetBalanced!

Just Get Balanced!

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